What's the differences between make, build, construct, assemble, erect, create, put up and form?

If we want to describe something that we worked with, these words may confuse us, they have the same meanings for making something.

Make is used for creating or preparing something in combing materials or putting parts together, the objects such as dinner/breakfast/food or some craftworks like shoes/clothes/paints, they are always small, not so complicated and it can be finished by yourself.

Build has the noun form for building, the verb form always related with the building such as house/road/floor or the objects needs several people to work together.

Construct always been used as passive, it emphasizes the structure of something or how it has been constructed.

Assemble is used for organizing something, such as machine, organization, or group. It emphasizes the internal things worked each other's.

Erect means to build something which we have known the positions.

Create is used for making something new/happen/exist, it is never existed before.

Form refers to the process of building something that already has a shape or regular logic, such as new country or a smile. It implies that something is being shaped into a specific form.

Put up refers to the process of building or installing something in a particular location. It is often used for temporary structures such as tents or fences.