How to describe something you have finished

There are many words can describe something has been finished such as complete, achieve, finish, accomplish, conclude, finalize, have done, end, and be over. What's the differences between them?

This article will describe them compactly.

If you performed something that is simple and not great, you can use finish.

If you have completed a project which is not easy and need to take long time, such as training, learning, education, you can use complete.
Complete has adjective forms. It means fully parts that are necessary. This interpretation can help you know it as finished all parts of something.

If you finished something which is difficult, and you want to emphasis the success, you can use achieve.

If someone, organizations, or forces give you a mission and it is always hard, you have accomplished, you can use accomplish.

If you or some organizations made some statements, you can use conclude.

If someone make the final decision for something, you can use finalize.

If you stuck some difficult situations, you want to end soon, you can use have done.

If you emphasize something to reach the final point, you can use end.

If you want to talk about something would no longer exist, you can use be over.