Pen and paper are the best writing tools

The beginning is always the hardest. This situation often arises when you start writing. If you want a perfect beginning, you will never finish the final work. Once you have jotted down the first word, the ideas will flow.

I tried a lot of softwares for writing and abandoned many of them. Revising and typing on a computer is easy, but there are many distractions can pull our attenion away from the task at hand. The word processor has many powerful features to help us in obtaining the beautiful format, but the appearance of the document is not the most important aspect of our writing. Expressing your thoughts and ideas is the essential purpose in writing.

When we read, the text is often constructed logically for easy understanding. However when writing, the process could be more unpredictable. Our brains are powerful and fast, but they can also be like naughty children who run around indirectly. It's important to focus the mind and eliminate distractions in order to write effectively. Don't worry about mistakes, poor handwriting or the rough sentences; They all can be fixed later. The key is keep writing. To facilitate this, it's best to use simple writing tools that don't have extra features that could disrupt the flow. That's why many famous authors, like George RR Martin, prefer to use plain text editors or command line tools when writing."

Writing with pen and paper may seem outdated and uneconomic at the present time. But the pen and paper still have many benefits for writing; they are the simplest tools in the world, they don't need to be charged, they are reliable, they don't give annoying notifications, they are cheap and easy to obtain. If you make a mistake while writing with pen and paper, it won't interrupt your thought process. Pen and paper are also simpler to use for drawing or brainstorming than any software. Don't worry about rough or unfinished drafts; if you're satisfied with them, you can publish them. Otherwise, you can dispose of them however you like.

Completing the writing process is more important than striving for perfection. To get started, it's helpful to use pen and paper for free writing and produce a draft quickly. Without drafts, there can be no final work. Just as a painter creates multiple drafts, we should also produce multiple drafts in order to arrive at the best work naturally.