Pen and paper are the best writing tools

The beginning is always the hardest. This proverb often occurred when you want to start writing. If you want a perfect beginning, you will put off the final writing into infinity. Once you jotted down the first word, you will pour the ideas that as many as you have.

I tried a lot of software for writing and abandoned many of them. Revising and typing in the computer is easy, but the computer has many distractions to attract our attention. The word processor has many powerful features to help us in obtaining the beautiful format, but the format is not the core of writing. Write out what you want is the essential purpose in writing.

When we were reading, the text was constructed logically for easy to understand. But when you are writing, advancing your text is always illogical. Your brain is powerful and fast, but it is figured as a naughty child who always running indirectly. You should concentrate the mind without any bothering noises. The errors, the ugly handwriting and the rough sentences can be fine. You can fix them soon. Writing continually is the first in this period, thus the writing tools should be simple and has no extra features that may block the flow off. That's why the plain text editor is good enough and many famous authors (like George RR Martin) prefer to write on the DOS or some command line tools.

Writing through pen and paper seems to be outdated and uneconomic at the present time. But the pen and paper still have the profit in writing, they are the simplest tools in the world, they don't need to charge and worked reliable, they never gave you annoying notifications, they are so cheap and easy to get. If you write an incorrect sentence, they wouldn't tell you and blocked your thinking off. If you want to draw some pictures to improve your thinking, the pen and paper are simpler than all software. You don't need to concern with the rough and unfinished drafts, if you satisfy them, publish them; otherwise, you can burn, break, destroy or drop as your pleasure.

Being patient with the drafts, the completion is better than perfection. It's difficult to start writing, using the pen for free writing in the paper can produce the draft quickly. No drafts, no final works, we should work as a painter, producing enough drafts, the best work will have appeared automatically.